We specialize in financial processing and management. We support and find mutually beneficial solutions.


We find optimal ways to bring the products to you. This can be through direct, single specimen delivery or via bulk shipments.

Process supervision

If needed, we document the production process and communicate the latest updates by e-mail regularly.

We offer high-value services at supply, transportation and financing

Technical and commercial counseling

We can provide the best products with the highest quality. Our experience and engineering take us to the same level of our best partners. This is all to your benefint and where we sand out from our competitors.

Kaizen Process

Our experience and working procedures are actually what makes us better. We constantly learn and improve continually. Thus, we work in an analytic and systematic way and screen our provisioning partners.

Certification 9001

Our company works under the international standards DIN ISO 9001. We are currently at its final audit.

Company Structure

We are a locally based German company. Thus, we are characterized by our local focus and responsiveness. Cultural and regional features are always taken into account.

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